About Us

The Advanced Nuclear Coalition (ANC) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization originating in Nebraska.  The primary purpose of ANC  is to provide education, advocacy, and engagement regarding advanced nuclear technologies. ANC develops and offers programming and resources to educate the public, policy makers and electric industry personnel about the advancements in nuclear energy generation, nuclear safety, fuel and waste management and the role nuclear generation plays in reducing carbon in the environment. This objective is accomplished through the delivery of conferences and forums and accessible resources for additional information. non-profit organization originating in Nebraska.  The primary purpose of  ANC  is to provide education, advocacy, and engagement regarding advanced nuclear technologies. ANC develops and offers programming and resources to educate the public, policy makers and electric industry personnel about the advancements in nuclear energy generation, nuclear safety, fuel and waste management and the role nuclear generation plays in reducing carbon in the environment. This objective is  accomplished through the delivery of conferences and forums and accessible resources for additional information.

As electric utilities worldwide are seeking to move toward a “zero carbon” portfolio of generation resources, understanding the critical role that advance nuclear technology must play is a necessity.

Demand for electricity continues to rise as different sectors of the economy are moving away from traditional fossil fuel resources to reduce emissions.  This increased demand for electricity comes at the same time that traditional fossil fuel generation resources are being prematurely shut down to meet reduced carbon goals.

Loss of baseload resources without comparable replacements puts electric consumers at risk. Advanced nuclear technologies are well equipped to meet the demand and provide a resilient, reliable replacement for baseload needs.

Unfortunately, historical nuclear incidents have left many consumers, policy makers and utilities wary of the technology.  Even for utilities that are receptive to the use of advance nuclear, fear and lack of information for the public makes it difficult to move forward.

On October 21, 2021, the first Nebraska Advanced Nuclear Forum (NANF) was held at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The goal of this grassroots effort was to provide information to the public and state officials regarding the role and benefits of advanced nuclear technologies in supporting a carbon free energy system.  The NANF was extremely successful with nearly 200 participants.  Over a dozen Nebraska state legislators attended with Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts providing the opening remarks.

Due to the success of the first Forum and the request for future conferences and local forums, it was decided to formalize the organization as a non-profit to provide for ongoing education and advocacy in Nebraska and beyond.

Board Members

Kristen Gottschalk

Board President

Kristen Gottschalk is a long-time government relations specialist with extensive experience in the electric industry.  She is retired from the Nebraska Rural Electric Association where she served for 20 years as the Director of Government Relations and previously as the Public Affairs Director. A wildlife biologist by training and a lobbyist by accident, Kristen has more than 30 years of government relations and grassroots advocacy engagement.

With a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Wildlife Management she has a strong background in developing and implementing environment-based education programs. Kristen is passionate about the need to preserve existing nuclear generation facilities and incorporate advanced nuclear technologies to ensure that we have safe, reliable, environment friendly electric generation to meet the ever-growing demand of consumers. She strongly believes that good information is the key to good decision making.

David Madcharo

David Madcharo

Board Vice President

David Madcharo is the Program Director for Energy Generation Operations at Southeast Community College. He has been with the college for over 10 years and helped develop the Energy program since its inception.

His prior positions include quality assurance in nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging equipment and control electronics manufacturing.

He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, and an MBA in Sustainability from Case Western Reserve University.

Jan Bostelman

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Jan Bostelman, PE, PMP is a Chemical, Metallurgical and Nuclear Engineer. Ms. Bostelman’s technical background includes 42 years of experience in nuclear safety and material assessments. She has extensive background in Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory processes and licensing for various clients, and is working with EPRI related to a Topical Report for power uprates. She’s an active licensed professional metallurgical and nuclear engineer in several states. Worked as an engineering consultant for over 25 years. Worked as a public utility supervisor and engineer for 14 years at Omaha Public Power District. This experience has allowed her to develop experience in reactor safety system performance analysis methodologies, large scale project management, risk assessments and be a participant for nuclear industry decision-making policies (EPRI, DOE (Yucca Mountain Project) and NRC). Served on EPRI’s main advisory committee (Materials/Chemistry, Low Level Radioactive Waste, and Fuel Storage/Fuel Reliability/High Level Radioactive Waste).

Extensive managerial and technical experience in engineering, aging and obsolete components handling/experimentation, materials science and characterization/reliability, nuclear fuel, reactor operations, commercial nuclear safety and power plant operations. She is a certified Project Management Professional.

She is an adjunct instructor in the Energy Generation Program at Southeast Community College. Ms. Bostelman serves on the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects. She was elected as Vice President (Board of Directors) for the National Council of Examinations for Engineers and Surveyors, representing the Central Zone of the US. She serves as an officer for the Advanced Nuclear Coalition a non-profit organization to educate the public about nuclear.

When not busy with technical work, she enjoys doing landscape, Astro and animal photography, painting “barn quilts” and animal skulls. She thoroughly enjoys living out her faith volunteering at St. John’s food pantry.

Darin Bloomquist

Darin Bloomquist

Board Member

Darin Bloomquist brings more than 30 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry to his role as a board member for the Advanced Nuclear Coalition. Darin currently serves as the General Manager of the Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, where he is responsible for the management of the consolidated power contract for the G & T’s 20 rural electric members. These 20 members serve the retail needs of approximately 150,000 consumers in rural areas of the eastern two-thirds of Nebraska. Darin has been at the G&T for more than ten years, previously serving as the Assistant General Manager.

Darin started his public power career in 1990 with the Loup Power District in retail distribution operations. In his 20 years of service with Loup Power District he advanced through the organization building a broad-knowledge base with experience in every facet of successful utility practices.

His education background includes an Associate Degree of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts in Organization Management and a Master of Arts in Management. He has also completed the prestigious NRECA Robert Kubat Management Internship Program a comprehensive industry program designed for rural electric administrators.

In addition to sharing his expertise with ANC, Darin serves as the Second Vice-President of the Nebraska Power Association, Secretary/Treasurer of Midwest Electric Consumers Association and is a voting member of the NPPD Rate Review Committee and Power Resource Advisory Board .

Daniel E. Buman

Board Member

Daniel E. Buman is the Director of Nuclear Oversight & Strategic Asset Management for Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) Cooper Nuclear Station.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska.

He started his career at Cooper Nuclear Station in 1987, achieving 30+ years of nuclear experience. Dan has served NPPD in multiple positions, most recently as the Director of Nuclear Asset Management, the Director of Nuclear Safety Assurance, and the Director of Engineering at the sit in Brownville, Nebraska. Prior to his current roles he served as the System Engineering Manager, Design Engineering Manager, Programs Engineering Manager, USAR Re-baseline Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs, NSSS System Engineering System Engineering Supervisor and Design Engineer.

Dan serves as a Director on the Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union and Concordia University Seward Foundation Board.

Ryan Hurst

Board Member

Ryan Hurst is the General Manager for the City of Wahoo Utilities, where since 2019 he has been responsible for the development, coordination, direction and administration of the utility system including natural gas distribution, electric generation and distribution, water production and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment. Ensures that all utility systems operate in a safe and efficient manner in order to provide efficient service to the community in accordance with state and federal regulations and industry standards. Ryan also currently helps Southeast Community College as an Adjunct Instructor in the Energy Generations Operations program focused on teaching Water & Wastewater treatment electives.

Ryan started his career with the City of Seward (his hometown) as a water operator and spent 8.5 years there acquiring his water and wastewater treatment certifications and working his way up to facilities maintenance supervisor before taking a position in Minden Nebraska as Utilities Superintendent. Ryan spent 4 years with the City of Minden managing Electric Distribution, Water treatment and distribution and Wastewater Collections and Treatment.

Over the past 15 years Ryan has been extensively involved in statewide and national organizations providing training and networking for professionals in the Utilities industries. Along with the Board position with the Advanced Nuclear Coalition, Ryan currently is the Vice-Chair of the Nebraska Section American Water Works Association (AWWA), A director at Large on the Nebraska Water Environmental Associations Executive Board (NWEA). Ryan is also the Chair of the Nebraska Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (NEWARN).  Ryan is a past Chair of the NWEA Young Professionals Committee and served on the Water Environmental Federation Students and Young Professionals committee.